Learning To Shoot Today With Josh At ‘The Range at TGC Outdoors’ Abbeville

This cold, sunny Saturday turned out to be the perfect day to go with the family to learn to shoot for the very first time. I had never held a gun in my life but had been wanting to learn. We wanted our daughter to learn as well.

We chose to visit Josh Gregory at The Range at TGC Outdoors because, not only do they have a great reputation, they are a HottyToddy.com advertiser. We were not disappointed. Josh explained things in a way that made them easy to remember and repeat. He taught us the proper and safe ways to do handle and load a gun while telling entertaining stories along the way that made us laugh.

Josh said his favorite thing to do is teach people how to shoot, and you could tell he really enjoys it. If you’ve been thinking about shooting lessons, take our word for it, he is great! You can bring your own gun or rent one of many different types available at TGC.

Below are a few videos and photos of our experience. TGC is located right on Hwy 7 in Abbeville at 662 Hwy 7 North.






Photos and video by Pat Buchanan.

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