Mississippi Artist: Lisa Paris Art Show at Goose Creek Today at 2 p.m.

img_4288The Goose Creek Club will host a Lisa Paris art show in the hallways and bar areas of the club on Saturday, Dec. 10, beginning at 2 p.m. and ending at 6:30 p.m. All community members and visitors are invited to enjoy wine and cheese while shopping for a special holiday gift among Paris’ artwork.

Paris is a Greenwood, Mississippi native who started studying art at the age of five. Over the next 13 years, under the instruction of her art tutor Madame Leny Wacht, Paris learned an appreciation of all art forms and mediums; but, she fell in love with oil paintings as a teenager. Many years later, Paris is now an accomplished oil painter herself.

For Paris, painting is more than just a career or a hobby; it is a spiritual act. Paris draws her inspiration from her belief in God and her faith.

“When I’m in my studio working, time and space disappear,” Paris said. “I get totally lost in creating. It’s actually a deep time of reflection and meditation. I find that some of the best quiet times spent with my Lord are while I’m painting; so in a way, it’s God-inspired.”

lisaparis2014As for the subject of the paintings, Paris draws on her Mississippi roots. Through her travels, she has yet to find a place more beautiful or exciting than Mississippi.

“Light and air from our Mississippi atmosphere, I believe, are as wonderful as the north light in the south of France,” Paris said. “I love the early misty mornings and the hazy summer evenings we are blessed to have here in Mississippi. It’s a great place to paint.”

Though Paris takes her work seriously, she does have a bit of fun with spotting her pieces in publications and in others’ homes.

“A fun experience I’ve enjoyed through the years is to spy one of my pieces in a home magazine, Christmas card, or even at a party in a home where I hadn’t met the host and to find some of my pieces displayed,” Paris said. “When I see one of my pieces hanging, it’s very much like seeing where my children that I dearly love have found their home. That’s always a delightful surprise.”

Paris and her husband, Lee, are Ole Miss alumni, part-time Oxford residents and founding members of the Goose Creek Club. Because of this, Goose Creek was the perfect location for an Oxford art showing of her work.

“We are founding members of the club, spending about half our time in Oxford, and considered it a great place to have guests come see my work,” Paris said. “I hope to meet some new friends and to help complete someone’s room with ‘just that special piece.’”



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