Update: My Guy’s Closing

Front door of My Guy’s Biscuits and BBQ with sign that reads “closed”

On Monday it was announced that My Guy’s Biscuits and BBQ was going out of business. With a sign on the door simply reading “closed,” many were left to wonder what the reason was for the restaurant’s closing. Owner Don Newcomb, also the co-founder of Newk’s, provided some clarity on the closing of his establishment.

“The reason My Guys closed is very simple math. The sales volume was much too low to cover our very high labor and food costs. I personally carried the restaurant as long as I could, which was way too long,” Newcomb said.
An outpour of support flooded the post on My Guy’s Facebook page that announced their closing:
The support of My Guy’s has not gone unnoticed by Newcomb, who appreciates the amount of people who enjoyed his restaurant, and noted that seeing it close has been harder on him than anyone.
“I dearly loved the concept as did a lot of customers.  I have never had a restaurant that got so much positive press and feedback and so few negative comments. No one is more disappointed about My Guys not surviving than I am,” Newcomb said.

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