FALL In Love With This Seasonal Home Decor!

Seasonal decor is very trendy right now. Seasonal decor sets a mood right when your guests walk in the door. Here is a look into fall decor selling on the Square that you can get for your own home!

Everyone loves a good decorative hand towel. These hand towels can add a little flare of fall to your home and make a big difference.

Decorative hand towels at Katherine Beck

Let’s face it, we are in the South and we have all grown up using the word “y’all” our entire lives. So, I am happy to announce that “y’all” is making a come back in decor. If anyone can make the word “y’all” cute, its Ole Miss women.

P.S. This Boo banner would be perfect for a Grove tent, ladies.

“Y’all” decor can be found at Katherine Beck

You can’t have fall without pumpkins. However, these are pumpkins with a little bit of edge. I would like to introduce you to metallic pumpkins.

Metallic pumpkin at Katherine Beck

If you are obsessed with pumpkin spice like the rest of the world, these Pumpkin Peppercorn candles are for you!

Pumpkin Peppercorn candles at Katherine Beck

Feathers are very “in” this season, especially when there is a Christmas tree involved.

Feathered Christmas trees at Katherine Beck

These beautiful and elegant pumpkins were handmade by Caroline Boykin, an Ole Miss Alumni.

Caroline Boykin handmade pumpkins at Katherine Beck

The “welcome the witch is in” mat is to die for! This mat may not be for everyone, but everyone can appreciate the humor of it.

Welcome mat can be found at Katherine Beck

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