Flags And Signs In Violation of Stadium Policy Confiscated at Ole Miss-Alabama Game

Ole Miss officials say flags, including the Mississippi flag, and signs displayed at the game in violation of stadium policy were confiscated and removed at the Ole Miss-Alabama game.

Ole Miss Senior Associate AD/Communications and Marketing, Michael Thompson, said, “I don’t know what was on any of the signs. I just know all signs were removed. It’s a non-story. Stadium rules ere enforced like they have always been.”

Thompson added, “For years stadium policy has been no banners or signs allowed in the stadium. It doesn’t matter what is on the sign – they block other people’s view.”

One Internet report suggested officials acted inappropriately in removing state flags and signs that said, “Let The Band Play Dixie.”

Thompson said the large State of Mississippi flag was removed “under the same policy.”

A video of the large Mississippi flag displayed in the student section of the stadium quickly had received 21,000 views on HottyToddy.com’s Facebook page, “If You Love Oxford and Ole Miss.” as of this writing, that same video had over 2,000 views on @HottyToddyNews Instagram (see that video and a longer one from a different angle below).

A photograph of a stadium security walking with a state flag under arm has also been posted on the Facebook page “The Unsafe Space – Ole Miss.”

Photo Credit: Facebook Page - The Unsafe Space - Ole Miss
Photo Credit: Facebook Page – The Unsafe Space – Ole Miss

Athletic Director Ross Bjork said, “We have a stated policy. No banners allowed inside the stadium”, and provided this link to UM policy:


Screen Shot from Stadium Policy linked above.


From HottyToddy.com Staff Reports

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  1. All I know is there was a guy sitting about 3 rows in front of me, home side, on the 28 yard line. He was on the front row. He had a large American flag, and it was hanging over the side of the brick wall. I never saw any police or security, or anyone else, for that matter, come and arrest him, or take his flag, or escort him out of the stadium.

    Maybe they did while I was going to the restroom. But I kinda doubt it.

  2. I agree with the policy. When I’ve paid a premium price for tickets, I don’t want my view blocked by some idiot with a banner!

  3. Students were told the” First Amendment ” doesn’t apply here.” They were also asked if the flags were American flags.I doubt the University would like the optics of mass confiscation of U.S. flags. What this amounts to is cultural Marxism . The flag of Mississippi is an American flag. The band should play Dixie and the students should be who they are.

  4. good certainly not really complicated. The terrible reports is certainly that if you wearꞌt, the NFL possesses most likely the just about all obtuse constraints on buffering training video of any key athletics company. nice.

  5. The University of Mississippi should fire the company that has been contracted to provide security for the stadium and the roads and parking lots around the stadium. These people as I understand it have been hired by UM from a company headquartered in Ohio. Why can our university not hire a company from Mississippi. These hired security monkeys are rude to the fans, our alumni and the major supporters of the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation. We don’t need a bunch of northerners telling us how to behave. Also the traffic plan adopted by the university for exiting the campus after the game is moronic. The residents of Oxford should not have to be directed to Highway 6 when they live North of the campus and West Jackson Street. We do not want to get on Highway 6 in all the traffic we just want to go to our homes the way we do every other day as residents of Oxford. Rethink the traffic plan and the company hired to provide security.

  6. The Student Government voted overwhelmingly (35-15-1) to remove the flag and the Faculty Senate voted 41-1 to also remove it. Furthermore, the Graduate Student Council also passed a resolution calling for it to be removed as well as many other student organizations. To further drive home my point, the Oxford City Council voted unanimously to remove the state flag from city property.

    There are naturally people who disagree with the decision to remove the state flag. That is to be expected. However, rather than use the political process and reasoned discussions to persuade people to their side, they resort to harassing the Chancellor on Facebook, whining on social media about their “rights being violated”, and waving giant flags.

    Nobody’s rights were violated and childish tantrums only make them look foolish.
    Court upholds Ole Miss ban on Confederate flags at sports events
    Associated Press
    “…. JACKSON, Miss. — The University of Mississippi has the legal right to ban spectators from waving Confederate flags at campus athletic events, the 5th U.S. Court of Appeals ruled Friday.
    The decision from the New Orleans court comes three years after Richard Barrett, a lawyer for the white supremacist Nationalist Movement, sued over the issue, claiming the ban violated his First Amendment rights.
    Friday’s ruling upheld a decision last year from U.S. District Judge Neal Biggers Jr., who called the ban a reasonable limitation. ….
    Deuce McAllister, a senior running back at Ole Miss who is considered a Heisman Trophy candidate, said he hoped the ruling would end the fight over the flag because it hurts the university’s image.
    ”I definitely think it hurt recruiting,” he said. ”It hurt the chance of the school to advance to that next level.” Coach Tuberville really stepped up. He and Mr. Kyahat took firm stands in their position on the flag.”


  7. So has there been an organized singing of Dixie in the Grove and in the stadium at particular times? I suggest right after the band’s Grove show and right after the national anthem.

  8. No one with flags or banners were arrested. The rules are clear on what you can and can not do while attending a game. Ole Miss fans were not the only ones asked to comply with the rules but Alabama fans had their pom poms taken away for being on sticks and sticks aren’t allowed. As someone stated, if someone were in front of you, you paid good money for your ticket, you would be the first one to get upset they were blocking your view. A far as rights freedom of speech and expression there is a time and place for it. Many crying for their freedom of speech or expression tend not to pay attention and want to jump on the bandwagon when others cry and they don’t have the facts. Even educated people are ignorant to the facts. As far as the signs and Dixie, there was a civil protest singing Dixie in the Grove and no one was thrown out or arrested. The bad part is most of the ones singing didn’t know the words to the song. Another little side note, if you read the rules of the Grove, there are many broken time after time and no one pays attention to people being allowed to express themselves and exercise their freedom but rules enforced at the game and people start crying. So if you can’t follow the rules and don’t like the rules a place has set (this can be any place in the world not just an Ole Miss football game) maybe you should find something else to do. Everyone was coming together to enjoy a college football game from all backgrounds, and beliefs, so it isn’t just about one person but many. So Ole Miss is neutral to everyone and providing a fun environment for all to have a good time. And do you know the full story? Maybe some security asked nice for the flags and people were rude or better yet (as I saw) many were drunken fools. But yes some might have been rude but there are 3 sides to every story. For a college with a Law School seems many fail to understand the law and rules for that matter.
    If people wanted to talk about rights violated and freedom of speech?? I held my tongue while I was denied access to go to the bathroom because there were girls passed out in the bathroom (yes more than one), and I didn’t share my heartfelt thoughts with them. Ahh, but then again they would have never heard a word. Let’s not mention trying to go back to my seat and the ones laying in the concourse. Or the drunk guys puking all over the place or yelling and cussing at their friends showing their IQ. It’s sad to have a great place we have a great place to live and football team at Ole Miss but we have our drunks laid out at the game. Oh but wait, the ones who do not pass out (I don’t want to forget to give them a mention), become sore losers and start fights with the winning team.
    Perhaps if all the people wanting to express themselves could do so in cheering on the football team, we wouldn’t have sore losers and drunks but support for our great football team, send Bama and others home as losers.

  9. I’ve visited there in the past and was very upset that your security insisted on cutting the plastic sticks on my shakers. They claimed it was a SEC rule which is not true. Was treated so rudely that I vowed never to return.

  10. I can only hope there are several displays of U S flags in the stands this weekend. We will see if P C U really believes in their own policy. If they don’ remove them they look like the lying hypocrites they are. If they do, we will have the spectacle of the ole miss gestapo trashing the U S flag on national t v.

    Either way they look like the fools they are.


  11. I sit in section P. There were several people there with hand painted signs and they were not removed. The signs that they had were the same ones that they were holding when SEC Nation was broadcasting from the Grove. I also had about 1 Alabama fans sitting around me. They did not have the sticks removed from their shakers. One last thing on my mind, if I am forced to throw my bottle of water into the trash before I enter the stadium, how are other fans allowed to bring in grocery bags full of water? I also saw a fan in section P carrying an entire case of water?

  12. Under the current leadership ol miss has become a hot bed of facial ideals. Crush and suppress what you don’t agree with. Lie and deceive to achieve your goals. Ol miss leadership would make Hitler proud with their actions.

  13. Perhaps if all the people wanting to express themselves could do so in cheering on the football team, we wouldn’t have sore losers and drunks but support for our great football team, send Bama and others home as losers.

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