Rep. Jay Hughes: Education Unacceptable Mess, Part 10

The governor has ordered $57 Million more in cuts to state agencies already on life support (health, mental health, MDOT, etc.)

This is to cover a $57 Million mistake that leadership conveniently shifted the blame to a “staff error.”

But hey, at least they reassured us that the revenue shortages have nothing to do with the 40+ tax cuts given to campaign donors and cronies over the last 5 years.

When the Mississippi Department of Education made an accounting error for $19 Million, the governor deemed it “a pattern of poor decision-making and mismanagement,” and called for immediate terminations.  I wonder if this sword has two edges.

We simply cannot afford to cut any more critical services and continue to give donors tax breaks.  Capitol Math is failing us!

We must do better!

Jay HughesOxford lawyer Jay Hughes serves the 12th District in the Mississippi House of Representatives. He can be contacted at



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