YAC Reaches Out to the Oxford Community for Help


Today (Tuesday, March 1) the entire Lafayette-Oxford-University community can rally and help Yoknapatawpha Arts Council (YAC) with its latest mission to gather data about how the arts culture impacts Oxford economically.

YAC Director Wayne Andrews  Photo by Jeff McVay
YAC Director Wayne Andrews
Photo by Jeff McVay
From 3-4 p.m., YAC executive director Wayne Andrews and his staff will break down the intricacies of a new survey that will be distributed locally over the course of a year. The meeting will take place at the Powerhouse Community Arts Center, headquarters of YAC.

The program, Americans for the Arts, is the national organization that advocates funding for the arts and arts education. Oxford and Lafayette County have been chosen to represent the state of Mississippi in a national study that measures the economic impact of the arts and its culture in our community.

YAC LOGOYAC has agreed to serve as coordinating organization in our community and needs the public’s help. Over the course of the year, audiences and visitors will be surveyed. Ultimately, the surveys will provide information about the number of people attending events and participating in other activities such as dining and shopping that occurred as a result of their attending the event.

In exchange, Americans for the Arts will provide our community with a complete economic impact study that would normally cost thousands to produce.

Andrews stated, “This is a great way for volunteers, art lovers and any friend of the arts to join in and help YAC gather the necessary data for this important study. Join us from 3 to 4 p.m. today to learn how you can help.”

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