Gone, But Not Forgotten

Photo by Mark Maple
Photo by Mark Maple

Wow, Silky Sullivan is gone. Say it ain’t so. Damn.

Silky holds a special place in the hearts of two or three generations of Ole Miss students, and the collective memory of Oxford, Mississippi. I was in the 7th or 8th grade when I saw what I could easily call, the coolest thing I’d ever seen! Silky Sullivan landing a chopper on the Sigma Chi Derby Day field on campus. He jumped out in a white tux with Bermuda shorts on, took the microphone and introduced himself as Derby Daddy, for the big day ahead.

Later when I took my place as an OM student there was many a night spent in Overton Square at Silky’s. Once Rusty Tucker, Walt Shinault and I got so drunk shooting tequila that…well, you get the story. Hell most of you have been in a Silky story! Another night my date and I ended up DJing for Silky, and a packed house of Ole Miss students, after a Memphis State game. Silky wouldn’t let us pay our tab and treated us “mighty fine”. Pat Rainey from Memphis introduced me to Mr. Sullivan for the first time. Silky never forgot my name, or anyone’s name. And we’ll never forget his. Hotty Toddy to Ole Miss legend, Thomas “Silky” Sullivan!

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  1. Silky and I have been friends since the 8th grade-we were classmates at Christian Brothers class of 1960-good guy-a very unique individual-saw him at every reunion our class has had since 1960-we had our 50th in 2010 at the Memphis University Club-he will be greatly missed-

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