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New Media Lab is a New Media Lab LLC company. It was formed to serve the local, regional, national and global Oxford and Ole Miss family. is a place for those who love Ole Miss and Oxford, and who visit our community to share and enjoy the good things that make Ole Miss and Oxford special.

We welcome your input and any contributions you wish to make. Write us at:

New Media Lab LLC is a marketing and communications company with multiple ventures inspired by entrepreneurship and innovation providing enrichment experiences for students and engagement of faculty while generating financial support for the Meek School of Journalism and New Media.


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Executive Editor
Randall Haley                                                                  (662) 645-5632  

Social Media Editor
Alex Kitchens                                                                  (334) 354-4355  

Sports Editor
Adam Brown                                                                    (662) 816-8594  

City Editor
Steven Gagliano                                                          (770) 843-1960  

Rick Kagey
(662) 832-6710 

Meggie Carter, Vice President of Sales                              (860) 575-4265  

Creative Director
Hannah Vines                                                                  (601) 870-6880 

Allison Buchanan

Ed Meek
(662) 801-9247

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