Behind the Scenes of the Lyric Oxford

By Georgia Huddleston ( and Lindsey Brakefield, (


Katie Kaczmarz, Marketing Manager for Lyric Oxford sets up the marquee for an upcoming event.

One of Oxford’s go-to venues for music and events has gone a bit retro. In 2018, the Lyric announced a renovation to bring back the original vibe of the 1970s theatre. They’ve already erected a vertical sign reading “Lyric” and an old-fashioned marquee with bulb lights, but there’s more to come. 

Katie Kaczmarz, the Lyric’s marketing manager says, “It is important for our community to have something like this, especially for people who care about the music industry as much as I do.” The newly renovated building is not yet complete, says  Kaczmarz, “We are still in the works of a cocktail bar which will open in the front of the current lobby.”

Although they are not finished with the build-out, the venue is still fully operating and hosts multiple events each week. Kaczmarz, along with other Lyric employees, works to make sure each show runs smoothly and keep the customers satisfied, despite being in the middle of the renovation. 

For most events, Kaczmarz is at the Lyric all day, making sure the artist room has everything requested. She says sometimes it is as simple as providing a case of beer and a cheese plate, while other times it can get as specific as a jar filled with only blue M&M’s. 

Lyric employees working the show do their part, too. This can include driving tour managers around Oxford and sometimes even finding a place for them to stay. Aside from making sure the band is satisfied, employees must set up and prepare for the event by moving security tables to the lobby, roping off the line for crowds, and hanging posters in the front to let people know when doors open. 

“There are a lot of moving parts to keep the Venue running successfully,” says Kaczmarz. “We are lucky to have such a great team to help us out.”

Although renovations are ongoing, Kaczmarz says they’re worth hassle. “It’s exciting to be a part of bringing some of Oxford’s history back to life.”

The cocktail bar is expected to be completed sometime early next year.


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