Caroline Herring on Oxford Sounds – Interview

Caroline Herring

Raised in Canton, Mississippi, Caroline Herring started singing professionally when she was a graduate student at the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi. While there, she co-founded Thacker Mountain Radio. Since then, she has risen to the ranks of the best in folk music nationally.

With accolades and endorsements from critics and fellow musicians alike, Herring has emerged as one of the most literate and distinctive songwriters of her generation and one of the freshest voices to hit the music scene in a long time. Since her debut in 2001, Herring has gained a devoted following and much critical acclaim. Named “Best New Artist” at the Austin Music Awards, Caroline has been profiled on NPR’s All Things Considered, been a guest on Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion, and was the only American representative involved in the prestigious Cecil Sharp Project in England, a group of musicians commissioned to compose music based on the life and collections of the famous song catcher.

Oxford Sounds

Oxford Sounds is a project of the Meek School of Journalism and New Media that draws upon the talent of students and professionals in the Oxford area to discover and document the music of the Oxford area. This last year, the project has captured 19 musicians, songwriters, and groups that are from Oxford or are a part of the Oxford musical scene.

Oxford is home not only to great musicians and musical venues, but many are unaware of the very vibrant music recording industry that exists in Oxford. These studios opened their doors to Oxford Sounds, which will give its audience a look inside studios such as Tweed Recording, Sweet Tea, Fat Possum and Black Wings.

In the next few weeks, the project will finish a 10-part video series featuring these great groups performing original works and talking about their music and what Oxford means to their art.

Oxford Sounds is made possible by grants from the Oxford Tourism and Convention Bureau, the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council, and the Ed and Becky Meek Foundation.

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